As a small business owner I have used Getaways On Display, Inc for many years. I am so happy for the distribution of our company brochures that Getaways On Display provides that I don’t know how I would reach so many possible customers otherwise. Getaways On Display helps the small business community thrive. I would definitely recommend Getaways On Display for your small business as well.
Jim Delong
Crystal Cave Company, Inc.

Brochure distribution with Gateways on Display is an important part of Rivers of Steel’s marketing mix. Not only is it a tried-and-true tactic, the expert advice from the team at Gateways helps us make data-driven decisions to evolve our strategies—building more brand awareness and reaching new customers each year. 
Carly McCoy
Rivers of Steel Heritage Area

As a business owner you are always looking for the best way to spend your advertising dollars and sometimes questioning was it truly worth the investment. I can honestly say that Getaways On Display has brought a great deal of foot traffic into our stores. The staff is super helpful, very knowledgeable and very easy to work with. I highly recommend them, and we can see positive changes that it has made to our company.
Amy Scarnati
Dan Smith’s Kitchen Fresh Candies

It has been a pleasure working with Getaways On Display over the past few years. It truly helps to use their distributing and tracking of brochures. If it is in your budget, I suggest to do it. The staff is very easy to work with and make the process quite simple.
Janet Falotico
Executive Director
Visit Lawrence County

Getaways On Display and Pennsylvania On Display have been a vital tourism partner in the goals and mission of the Bradford County Tourism Promotion Agency. Specifically, Teresa has gone above and beyond assisting us with proper tourism material placement and accurately reports the results. Her knowledge of the state and desires of a tourism make her another insider in promoting the great assets of Bradford County. A pleasure to work with!
Robyn Cummings
Executive Director
Bradford County Tourism Promotion Agency

The ability to have recreational brochures, like that for the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail, distributed through Getaways on Display is a game-changer. We get our materials in front of travelers at official PA Welcome Centers throughout the state without any extra effort or expense. It’s such an easy way to market our region’s attractions. I am encouraging all of our amenities to take part in this program.
Emily Altomare, Communications and Tourism Manager
Oil Region Alliance of Business, Industry & Tourism

For over 20 years, Getaways on Display has provided us with excellent customer service, strategic placement of brochures, timely distribution, and cost-effective advertising.  Your program is an integral part of our marketing plan, and we are looking forward to the continuation of our relationship.  Thank you for all that you do for us.  It is greatly appreciated. 
Nikki Hurley
Director of Marketing & Sales
Pocono Whitewater, Skirmish Paintball, & Pocono Biking

I consider Getaways on Display an important part of our media mix for printed materials. Their distribution rest area, travel plaza, and welcome centers network helps PA Great Outdoors Visitor Bureau and our members to reach thousands of potential visitors each year across Pennsylvania’s interstate highway system. They are a proven effective and affordable way for us to put visitor guides, brochures, and rack cards in the hands of travelers. Our account representative, Teresa Crawford, is always quick to respond to any requests or questions. You can see your ROI with the distribution reports that show you how much is moving from each location. 
John A. Straitiff-Executive Director
Pennsylvania Great Outdoors Visitors Bureau

I definitely want to participate in 2022 and I know that you will let me know in plenty of time.  As I have told you many times, PA on Display is the best advertising venue I have.  We are clueless as to the attendance we might get this year but just the response from our craft and food vendors has been fantastic.  Our festival is the first in this area for many miles, so I am hoping for a great turnout.  WE (THE PEOPLE) NEED to see that some sort of “normal” is happening.  I know I’m preaching to the choir, but you know what I mean, I’m sure.  Thanks for being so patient with us.  It’s a real pleasure working with you AND now I have your picture, so I feel like a real friend.    
Mary Kay
Grove City Strawberry Days

July 9, 2019
Teresa – The Festival was absolutely terrific.  The weather was perfect (only third time in 29 years with no rain), the attendance was over the top, and many, many positive comments which makes my job worth the time spent.  Somebody asked me if we did more advertising because it seemed that there were more people from a distance.  I really feel that our rack cards to PA and Getaways On Display play a very important role in getting our Festival out there.  I tell my committee that it’s the best advertising for the bucks.  I know you will be in touch with me early in 2020 but I can tell you that I will definitely be using your services again – it’s our 30th year!  Enjoy the rest of the summer!
Mary Kay
Grove City Strawberry Days

September 7, 2018
The Colebrookdale Railroad has been using Getaways On Display for several years. We are very happy with the results we get from their service. People tell us that they picked up our rack card at a rest stop or on the turnpike when they purchase their tickets either by phone or on line. The distribution of our rack cards is very important to us for reaching people that are traveling and not necessarily from our immediate marketing area.

The people at Getaways On Display are fantastic. They are very customer service friendly and great to work with. Whenever there is any type of issue, they are on top of making it right. A good example is, they never want your slot on the display to be empty, and when they need more rack cards, they are on the phone with you right away. In fact, thank you Katie Hinerdeer for giving me a heads up and requesting more brochures.

I would recommend Getaways On Display for getting your information whether it’s a rack card or brochures distributed to the key travel locations.
Frank Buttaro Jr.
Colebrookdale Railroad

August 3, 2017
Thank you for encouraging me to try out “PA On Display” and “Getaways On Display” brochure program. Your guidance has really helped my business get real exposure to tourists looking for ways to spend their time. Of course, The Lost Pint is a great way for them to spend their time, but I am biased. I am happy with the program. The brochure program can result in immediate revenue. Such was the case with a tour group from Illinois. Sometimes the results are realized later. It is interesting to note that sometimes people will take a brochure because it grabs their attention; therefore, an interesting image is necessary. Now, combine this great image with proper placement! Well, this is where “Pa On Display” and Getaways On Display” come into play.
Eugene Showers
The Lost Pint

Our Visitor research has told us that visitors are finding out about us through our rack-card distribution! We even had a guest from Canada tell us in person – that he saw a brochure in a welcome center; which caused him to decide to start his Gettysburg experience with the Seminary Ridge Museum!
Dru A. Neil
Seminary Ridge Museum

Hi Casi,
I just wanted to take a few minutes and thank you for all your hard work and dedication of the brochure program.  I don’t know where we’d be without people like you.  Today is my last day and I wanted to tell you it’s been a pleasure working with you.  I’ve been here for 20 years and have seen a lot of changes
and Pennsylvania on Display has been one of the best changes.  Thanks for all you do for the Welcome Center staff…and be sure to pass along my gratitude to your co-workers.
Ruth Fox | Tourist Information Supervisor
PA Department of Transportation
Keystone Welcome Center at Laurel Highlands

I greatly appreciate your offer to help in any way possible. That attitude of excellent service is what we have received from PA On Display and Getaways On Display for several years.
Dave Dayton
Slovak Folk Crafts

I will certainly encourage our Downtown Bedford Inc (DBI) manager Tonya and her assistant Gwen of my very positive experience in working with you….I plan to present to the group all the distribution info from Pennsylvania on Display and encourage other merchants, as well as DBI, to look into advertising on the turnpike.  My hope is that they will decide to do so, as Bedford does need a growing presence on the turnpike as well as the Welcome Centers.
Karla Amato
Bedford Banjo Shop

Dave Dayton
Slovak Folk Crafts
We are very pleased with the service and excellent results we have
received from Pennsylvania on Display’s distribution of our brochures.

Thank you for letting me know that you received our rack cards.  I happened to be on a bus trip to Lancaster’s Sight and Sound last Friday and when we stopped at the rest stops, I looked at the display.  I watched other people and they really look at the display.  I feel it is one of our best ways to advertise at such a reasonable cost.  Thanks to PA for this advertising venue.
Mary Kay
Grove City Strawberry Days
This past week I audited the PA Rest Areas, where your company distributes our HotelCoupons.com guides (formerly Roomsaver). During the audit, I was very pleased to see our guides were full in your displays. I want to commend your staff for a job well done. Over the last few years since your company has been distributing our product, I have never seen an empty display for our product. Please keep up the great work.
Rich Williamson, Northeast District Distribution Manager
Travel Media Distributors

You guys are doing a great job for us.  As a matter of fact, I was just discussing the PA rest areas earlier and mentioned we have NO issues at all … none have ever been reported by our sales people that visit the locations.
Amy Goldstein, Distribution Contract Administrator
Travel Media Group

Pennsylvania On Display is a fantastic, easy, cost-effective way to reach thousands of people with your information.
Christopher Snyder, Group Sales Manager
Kennywood Amusement Park
The staff at Pennsylvania on Display is great! They’re not some anonymous folks in a call center someplace. They’re real people in Pennsylvania who work with you to make sure that your materials get in front of the most people at the best time of year for your attraction.  The pricing is reasonable, and the contract is easy to understand. They’ve really helped us extend the reach of our marketing.
Rick Bryant, Executive Director
Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts

Our program with Pennsylvania on Display is a big part of the town of Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania’s overall marketing strategy, placing us front-and-center with the people we must reach. The cost is quite reasonable, the service excellent, and they provide us with very useful reports that allow us to monitor our presence out in the world.
Dan Hugos, Former President of the Jim Thorpe Chamber of Commerce
Mauch Chunk Opera House

I have the confidence in PA On Display in knowing that our brochures are distributed where we want them, and we never have to worry about refilling.  If it weren’t for PA On Display, I would have to find a way to distribute all of our Visitors Guides by use of contractors and employees – something we simply could not do.  Christiana Sternberg, our Sales Representative has always helped me in making my decisions as to what are the most valuable locations for the Greater Reading Convention & Visitors Bureau.  Thanks Christiana and PA On Display.
Lea Gordon, Business Manager
Greater Reading Convention & Visitors Bureau

The POD program puts Washington County Tourism information in the hands of the traveling public in PA.  We participate in the POD and Getaway programs, and they are consistently one of our best performing distribution programs.  The combination of distribution channels works for us, and the service is top notch.
J. R. Shaw, Executive Director
Washington County Tourism Promotion Agency

In the nine years Slovak Folk Crafts has been in business, we have used numerous forms of advertising including newspapers, magazines, brochures, radio, television, direct mail, and billboards. Without any doubt, the most effective method of getting customers into our store is the distribution of our brochure into many strategic locations and having them available ALL the time in those locations. We are very grateful to Pennsylvania on Display for the organized and effective way our brochures are distributed. Many customers have told us that they altered their travel plans to come to Slovak Folk Crafts after picking up our brochure — sometimes a considerable distance away.
Dave Dayton, President
Slovak Folk Crafts

Just wanted to let you know how great our deliveries have been and how prompt they are. Our gentleman that does the deliveries is so nice and polite, puts the bulk in our shed and carries the miscellaneous in and leave them where we can work on them in between guests. I have to say, they are really super and so accommodating. If I see a constant request, and a brochure is not available, all I do is email Matt Zander, and lo and behold, we have the items on the list to be ordered in very short order.
Suzanne M. Aymen, Supervisor
Keystone Welcome Center at Brandywine Valley

I couldn’t have said it any better – kudos to you!!!
Cheryll Mortimer
Tioga Welcome Center

Every time I stop in the rest areas to check on the guides, the displays are always full with the current guides; every time I check; there has never been an issue. Your company is doing a great job distributing the guides; and great with sending emails to let us know what you have placed in the displays; keep up the good work.
Rich Williamson, Northeast District Distribution Manager
Travel Media Distributors

Just want to tell all of you- I’ve been here for 19 years through every literature and delivery system, and this is the best it’s ever been! It’s a pleasure knowing when you make an order that it will be here on time and the items delivered are actually what you ordered! Thanks!
Lura Colinet, Supervisor
Keystone Welcome Center @ Endless Mts.

We’ve been very pleased with the professional service Penn’s Cave & Wildlife Park receives from Pennsylvania On Display/Getaways On Display. We are sent timely notices from their friendly Customer Service Manager when they are in need of additional brochures, which helps us to plan a delivery or shipment. Pennsylvania On Display makes our brochure distribution more efficient.
Terri L. Schleiden, Marketing Director
Penn’s Cave & Wildlife Park

Getaways On Display is a great organization to do business with: very professional and do first class work. They have been instrumental in developing the success of our business. Large-scale brochure distributions are handled flawlessly, and deliveries are always on time. We hope to continue doing business with Getaways On Display for many years to come!
Dave Fooks, Director
Kutztown Folk Festival

I have found the staff and operation of Pennsylvania On Display to be well organized, helpful and extremely efficient in the state wide distribution of our Shawnee Mountain brochures.
Jim Tust
Ski Shawnee, Inc.