Welcome to the New GetawaysOnDisplay.com

Welcome to the blog section of our new website — News & Insights.

Usually the posts here will consist of information and education about the brochure distribution industry, brochure design tips and updates about our literature display racks—as well as industry news, from other sources, that we think is interesting and relevant.

But, today we want to celebrate the launch of our new website.

The internet, like Getaways On Display, is now more than twenty years old. When we began, we never dreamed we’d sit in meetings discussing things like “user interface” and “keywords” and “search engines.”

As we dove into the process we realized that our original concerns about electronic media were off target. As our front page says, 78% of mobile device users (the people who are truly at the cutting edge of electronic media) still prefer to make actual ticket and travel purchasing decisions using other means. This might be a brochure, a phone call or a website. Mid-Atlantic Travelers & Tourists Took 7,632,000 brochures from our displays in 2012.

These days, it’s all about options and giving the customer not just what they want, but the media they are most comfortable using.

We are excited because this new website does just that. You can participate in brochure distribution or purchase a display rack by filling out a simple, on line form.

The new graphics show maps of our distribution areas, tell you about our 600+ clients, and let you browse shapes, sizes and colors of products.

All three divisions of Getaways are now included in a single website, making it easier for customers to see all that we offer.

Just as we have always innovated and grown to meet our customer needs when it comes to our products and distribution packages, we are now as innovative in our approach to our electronic media, marketing, sales and distribution.

We hope that you enjoy our new website.

As always, if you have a question or comment please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

And, yes, we still have real, live, people answering the phones. Internet aside, sometimes it’s good to be a little “old school.”